Repair OST file

Microsoft Outlook application save its data on data files. There are two types of Outlook Data Files which are used by Outlook – PST & OST. PST file is the one that saves all the sent/received emails and other Outlook attributes. The fact that makes MS Outlook application better than other emailing clients is that it is available offline too. The file that makes this possible is Outlook.ost file. This file gets created on your local computer as soon as you access your Outlook profile in offline mode.

OST file provides the facility to compose and send emails even if you are not connected to the internet. The email gets stored in this file and will be sent through Microsoft Exchange Server as soon as the internet connection is restored. The same thing happens when you are getting an incoming email. Your PST file and OST file gets synchronized as soon as your network connection is restored.

Location of OST file

OST file is located at the same location where the PST file resides.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista - drive:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

Windows XP - drive:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Reasons for OST file corruption –

Like PST file, OST file might also get corrupted due to various reasons. This results in the loss of old data from your Outlook profile. Take a look at some of the common OST corruption reasons –

Error while synchronizing – Suppose your OST file is getting synchronized with the Exchange server and suddenly the process gets terminated due to reasons like abrupt system shutdown or lack of internet connection. This might result in the corruption of OST file.

Malware infection – If any of the emails saved in your Outlook profile contains malevolent data, then there are high chances of OST file getting corrupted. Therefore it is highly recommended not to entertain any suspicious email received in your Outlook profile.

File System corruption – file system is responsible for the proper working of all the files saved on a system If this gets corrupted then the user will lose access to all the saved data. This will also affect and corrupt the OST file that is also saved on your local computer.

Outlook application malfunction – Suppose you have upgraded from a lower Outlook version to a higher one. If any kind of problems occurred in the upgraded version then the associated PST and OST files are likely to get corrupted, as the Outlook application itself is corrupted.

No matter what is the reason for OT file corruption, OST file repair tool will definitely prove to be the best to repair Outlook OST file. This tool has an intuitive user-interface and a powerful scanning engine that is capable of identifying the problem in OST file and repairing it efficiently. The software is compatible with all the latest versions of Outlook application to repair Outlook OST file. Click here to know how to repair OST file and PST file in Outlook 2013 version. OST file repair tool can be installed on any Windows Operating System version like Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. The user does not require any kind of technical knowledge to repair OST file. He / she just have to follow the onscreen instructions and the OST file will be repaired. To check the tool’s capability, download the demo version of OST file repair tool and try it. It provides a Preview option that will let you see the contents of the repaired OST file. Once the user is satisfied with the results, buy the full version to save the repaired OST file.

Method to repair Outlook OST file –

Step A – From the main screen, select any one option. Then choose the corrupted file.

Repair Outlook OST File - Main Screen

Step B – Now choose the scanning method and destination folder to save repaired OST file

Repair Outlook OST File - Make Selection

Step C – Preview the repaired OST file contents.

Repair Outlook OST File - Preview Screen