How to Deal with a Corrupt PST File of Microsoft Outlook?

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    Corrupt Outlook PST File Repair

    Need to exchange information in professional and personal life is increasing day by day. As we are living in the digital era, every exchange of information is through emails or internet messages. As we all consider emails as more formal, the need to preserve them is extremely important. MS Outlook is the most commonly used email client, which allows us to send and receive emails, manage calendar, journals, notes, etc. This email program also helps us to create back up of emails and other data in MS Outlook. Microsoft Outlook stores all these information in single file called PST (Personal Storage Table).

    By default, the PST file stores all our emails, contacts we save, notes that we take, calendar items that we create, etc. Whenever, you come across situation where you find difficulty in opening or accessing MS Outlook .pst file, then it is a clear indication that the PST file is corrupted. Sometimes, while opening Outlook PST file you may have met with following error messages like:

    • Outlook PST could not be accessed
    • Outlook PST file can’t be found
    • Errors have been detected in file “file-path”
    • The messaging interface returned as unknown error
    • Unable to expand the folder
    • The file could not be repaired therefore cannot be reopened

    Generation of any of the above error messages shows the existence of corrupt PST file. What are the reasons for a corrupted PST file? Numerous technical and human errors might result in corruption of Outlook PST file, few of them are listed below:

    • Virus Attack: Harmful virus attacks on your system impacts the MS Outlook application itself and thereby results in generation of corrupt PST file.
    • Oversized PST: PST files have a fixed size depending upon the version of Outlook application. If the PST file in MS Outlook exceeds its maximum size limit, then it may go corrupt and becomes inaccessible.
    • Abrupt Termination: Abrupt termination of Outlook application while sending or receiving mail may cause damage to PST file.
    • CRC Error: CRC error is one of the main reasons for corruption of PST file. CRC error happens when there is a bad sector on the hard disk where your PST file is located. To know how to fix a corrupt PST file with crc error, please refer this link.
    • Other Reasons: In some cases, system crash while the Outlook application is running in the background, similarly hard drive failure or improper upgrading of MS Outlook might lead to generation of corrupt PST file.

    It is a good practice to keep the back up of Outlook PST files to avoid such situations to an extent. This backup will be of great help to get back important Outlook info. If you don't have back up, then how do you fix a corrupt file? Don't panic as you can easily get to know how to fix a corrupted PST file using the reliable tool like Inbox Repair Tool Outlook software. This utility is specially built to repair corrupted PST files in an effective way. It is capable to repair and recover all Outlook items like notes, contacts, calendars, emails, etc.

    Significant Features of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook Software:

    • Capable to fix corrupted PST file on various versions of Outlook application like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013.
    • It is very efficient in repairing PST file that cannot be repaired using ‘scanpst’ tool, which is an inbuilt repair tool with MS Outlook application.
    • This software provide real time preview of repaired PST files through Outlook Style browser view.
    • Using this promising program, you can even repair password protected or highly encrypted PST files with extreme ease.
    • It can be used in all versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

    Steps to repair corrupt PST file:

    Step A – Open the application. From the home screen, select any one option. Then choose the corrupted PST file that has to be repaired.

    Step B – Now choose the option to scan the corrupted PST file and select the destination folder where you have to save the repaired file.

    Step C – Preview the contents of repaired PST file.